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Our Services

Physical Therapy services are provided by our staff of highly qualified physical therapist. All providers have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and are board certified specialist in orthopedic rehabilitation.  Your physical therapist will work with you to create a customized plan of care that may include dry needling, cupping, corrective exercises, spinal manipulations, soft tissue massage, and stretching deepening on your specific injury.  All of this is included in the cost of your appointment with no additional charges.  A list of the most common injuries we treat can be found below.  
Personal Training is also offered at our location.  Our 5,000 square foot facility boasts some of the best equipment in Colorado.  Our physical therapist are both Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  This unique combination allows us to treat injuries while also pursuing weight loss and fitness goals.  Regardless of your age, current fitness level, or previous experience if you want to lose weight, get toned, gain muscle, or increase strength we can build a custom program for you.  

Sports Performance is for those looking to push their performance to the next level.  This is perfect for the athlete in the off season getting ready for next year or in season looking to avoid injury and maintain health and fitness levels.  From high school to professional athletes we have worked with almost every sport and pride ourselves on greatly increasing strength, speed, power, and injury resiliency.


Common conditions we treat:

  • ​Post surgery care

  • Low back pain     

  • Shoulder pain      

  • Workers comp.    

And much more! If you have an ache or pain there is a high chance we can find the root of it and help!

  • Achy joints                

  • ACL recovery            

  • Athletic injuries         

  • Concussion rehab   

  • Neck Pain                  

  • Muscle strains          

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