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Want a bigger squat, clean, and snatch?

When we think of increasing our squat numbers we usually focus on programming around building volume and intensity. Sometimes we even work on accessory work such as glute bridges, hip thrusts, or single leg squats. While these are all great movements you are missing a key that can unlock new PR’s.

The adductors are the large muscles on the inside of the leg. Check out the post below for more information on the anatomy of the adductors.

So why do we care so much about the adductors?

Strong research has shown that below 90 degrees of knee flexion (bending) your adductors are actually the primary mover of hip extension (standing back up). So that means on your typical squat to parallel your adductors are actually doing the majority of the work to get you out of the bottom. On your olympic lifts if you are catching below parallel the adductors contribute even more!! Seeing how most lifts are lost in the bottom you can see why the adductors can hold the key to making a big lift. Check out the post below for a few of our favorite adductor exercises. Be careful in the beginning with these as many people end up fairly sore the first couple of times implementing them. We suggest working the adductors 2 days a week as part of accessory work and making sure that you are not doing any heavy squatting work the days after your adductor training.

Cheers to big lifts!

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